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Daily care tips for COSPLAY wig
Hairwigforyou.com  May 11, 2016

Wig comb to comb the bottom first, then the Middle, finally carding wire above. Finally ~ ~ If Combs from scratch really caught on cut ~ became entangled in its local

Wig maintenance and care recommended special care packages ~+ special wig comb ~ first treatment oil, against the well water in proportion, sprayed on a wig, wig special comb the best, no comb, by hand, with open fingers, slowly comb in care and oil stick on hand ...

Good nursing care is key if ~ inject diluted oil and then hanging the shade will appear very magical things!

Wig store, packed in bags, flat best wig of long, easy to fold (folding under 2 can basically plug into the bag if bags lost, also make sure to put the long wig tied up, put it in the tape). Not in the lead on the wig.

If the wig is placed, creases, vertically for a period of time, let them droop and sprayed with a solution of wet, during which attention to dust and pet-proof play