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Man wig used the top ten choices?
Hairwigforyou.com  May 11, 2016

A mature man's male wig, long bangs, long hair tail elegant radians, naturally handsome.

Second-line clear of men's wigs, this popular texture hot feeling, don't want to perm and want to have texture, hot men, buy a can.

Three choppy bangs are long, with the face side, play a small face, thin face pizzazz.

Four classic 46 minutes, long forehead fringe curtains, highlighting the strong and handsome face.

Five light and fluffy and naturally curly, hair wigs, youth movement, by age young role.

The volume six-layered bangs, with cheeks of long hair, handsome face, dark brown with a yellowish stain, Sun City.

Overflowing with seven random layering of fluffy, a young atmosphere natural to, curled hair, youth for further amplification.

Eight natural fluffy blond hair, brings you lose sense of sunshine in the summer, to feel more comfortable.

Long hair, irregular curls, mild and fluffy, handsome, young boys on campus.

Ten face full of men's wigs, long bangs and long hair, moderate face, fine facial features match the wig is absolutely cool, handsome type.