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Teach you tell real hair wigs wholesale and fiber of the six methods
Hairwigforyou.com  May 11, 2016

(1) live-action firing mechanism after Burns was Ashen, scented.

(2) after a chemical fire-burning is a small pimple-like head, and odor-free.

(3) hair is hot, dyeing.

(4) chemical fiber not perm solution hot, unshaped, and only in the high temperature setting steam steam volume.

(5) to Perm your hair if used for curling, only Barber technology and no, doesn't mean not 100% human hair.

(6) hair glow shiny not representative not reality sent, light, to bright is, dark, to dark is, this is hair of normal phenomenon, hair is in factory again paint and processing to using of, cannot growth of hair with itself of hair also is will slightly is difference of, but to perfect, wig wholesale wearing reality sent wig has is best of has, to wants to most real, that only in hair Shang effort to care himself of hairstyles.