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Wigs wholesale resolved how to care
Hairwigforyou.com  May 11, 2016

Wigs wholesale wash: if it is always wear wigs, generally two to three months once. Best when washing a wig wig special shampoo and conditioner. Don't wash scrub, can flush gently with your finger combing. Dry with a towel after washing the water before you put them in the shade to dry, not to the sun exposure.

If you don't wash, preferably to the hair salon wash, because Salon has a full range of nursing care equipment and personnel, it would be more professional, washed blow dried can also help you. If washing, improper care can affect the hair durability. Wigs wholesale Japan imported kanikalong, hair more durable, care much easier!

Wigs wholesale explains how to sort out: combing wigs must be soft, not hard pull hard. Sorting out the correct order is to straighten out the hair comb and comb from the top down. Comb a wig comb comb to use relatively thin steel is advisable. When you wear a wig Note: not on wig spray water gel or hair wax, Hairspray, when wearing a wig on a wig can spray a little wig dedicated solution, this will prevent Frizz, wigs are more supple, and can also be static!

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